Two people at the 2020 NBCT Pinning Ceremony.

"Achieving National Board Certification will impact my teaching by raising my expectations of what is not only possible, but required of me as a teacher. Moving forward, I will continue to consistently hold myself accountable to these most rigorous standards of teaching in order to be the best educator I know how to be for my students."

- Matthew Wester, Richmond Public Schools

"Going through National Board Certification was the most challenging yet worthwhile experience I have had so far in my teaching career. It pushed me to see new possibilities in my classroom and most importantly for my students; for that I will always be thankful."

- Kristina Mitchell, Henrico County Public Schools

"Achieving National Board Certification has been one of the finest accomplishments of my career. Throughout this process I have become a more reflective practitioner who has a clearer understanding of my students' needs and how to continue improving my practice to support those needs."

- Erica Michelle Creasey, Hanover County Public Schools